NAIRI BAND -Jann e Havat

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NAIRI BAND (ARMENIA)-Jann e Havat // Tsovits Tsov contest 2014

International Music Contest "TSOVITS TSOV"
Participant: Nairi Band
Song: Jann e Havat

Applications due to August 5, 2014
Final: November 23, 2014

For applications and detailed information:
Facebook -
Vkontakte -
Instagram - ( @ttsov )
E-mail -
Ph.: 8(499)504-88-01

«TSOVITS TSOV» is a unique project designed to revive Armenian national music in combination with modern trends of world music culture.

* participants from 8-12 countries and 5 continents
* $ 10 000 , video clip and an album record for the winner
* variety of Armenian national songs in different musical genres
* amazing atmosphere of music festival in one of the best platforms of Russia
* audience from all over the world: Armenia and NKR , Russia and CIS, Georgia, France, Israel, USA,Canada, Argentina, Iran, Lebanon,Turkey, Australia and many others
* The great show with many famous singers around the world

NAIRI BAND -Jann e Havat

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